The Search Process

Position Definition

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  If you don’t have a clear definition of the position and the underlying expectations, you are unlikely to have a successful search.  We take the time and apply decades of experience across industries and functions to get this right from the beginning.


The landscape has changed for research.  Today we deploy sophisticated subscription data base tools to identify industries, companies and candidates who should be proactively considered.

Candidate Generation

This part of search has been augmented by LinkedIn and other social media.  Whether through targeted outreach or active sourcing, reaching the right candidates with today’s tools generates a broader candidate pool than ever before.

Sometimes the initial candidate pool can number in the hundreds and become overwhelming if it is not well-managed.  Narrowing the pool is serious work requiring sound judgment and a real understanding of the client.

Candidate Presentation

The first phase of candidate review is via spreadsheet with summary background information and comments about potential fit and any issues that have surfaced by initial contact: relocation for instance. 

Final Candidate Selection

As the spreadsheet is updated and candidates prioritized, high potential candidates are interviewed in person by Don.  The client’s final candidates are selected review of a formal summary and sometimes a phone interview.

In person interviews with the client team lead to the selection of the final candidate.


This part of the process is non-trivial.  During this critical time, counteroffers may occur or other obstacles may arise.  We work closely with you and the final candidate to keep things on track.

Don is the intermediary dealing with offer terms to keep the client/candidate relationship focused on the positive.