A Very Occasional Update from the Lee Family

2015 to 2018

Hmmm..  Don and Amanda thought the last few years might be quiet, but they were wrong!  The family is in good health.  Susan (34) has moved to Portola Valley with Chris, her fiancée.  Addison (32) now lives in SF and his girlfriend Hilarie is planning to move to CA soon from NY.

That’s about all that matters, but here are some details.


Don & Amanda

journeyed thrice to England with friends to hike part of the Southwest Coastal Path, around the Isle of Wight and the Thames Path from headwaters to Cambridge.  Gathered 11 family members for a rollicking tour of Ireland and Scotland.  Toured Madrid and northwards in Spain - stayed in a Parador.  Saw old stuff and car stuff in Germany/Austria/Czech Republic/Hungary with friends. A 2,500-mile Northwest trip driving our F150.  Group Cobra touring around 6,000 miles through palm trees, mountains (snowed-in and not) and plains.  Weddings in Oregon, New Hampshire and the bay area.  Christmased in Austin and Brooklyn.  A few days in Dearborn at The Henry Ford.  Bought CSX3230, a 427 Cobra for touring.  Bought and sold a few other cars.

Don received the YMCA of Silicon Valley’s highest award as a volunteer, which he’s been in various roles for 39 years.  Still very active with the Candy Store, a vintage car club.  Uses his new ‘blaze’ orange 2018 Mustang GT and Addison’s’ race Mustang for track days but is not actively racing, although he and Amanda enjoy being Addison’s pit crew.

Amanda celebrated the 20th anniversary of founding a women’s monthly book club.  She serves on a county advisory committee for local fire prevention and stormwater management.  She managed construction for the pre-purchase rehab of Susan & Chris’s house and the garage-to-bed/bath conversion of Addison’s East Palo Alto house.  As she has for 22 or so years, weekdays she hikes and solves world problems with her girlfriends.



is now Dr. Susan Lee after receiving her PhD from Johns Hopkins in 2017.  She moved back to the bay area with Jerseyite Chris Paprcka.  Oh yeah, they are engaged!  Chris is transitioning from being a civilian employee of the Army to the for-profit world of Silicon Valley.  Susan is a Scientist at Arcus Biosciences in Hayward.  They purchased a lovely house around the corner from Don and Amanda.  The house needed a ton of work, which is largely complete and now only lacks a dog.



since our last greetings, spent three years at software company Apttus and then as Director of Sales Dev with Conversica, a software company using artificial intelligence to improve the sales process.  He takes his Burning Man bus to that event each year, which is where he met Hilarie, his serious other.  He still races cars some:  Class winner and 6th overall at the 25 hours of Thunderhill, survivor of the 24 hours of Lemons, 5th at 2018 SCCA National Championship.

Happy New Year!!! HAve a great 2019 to 2022!

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