Competitive Advantages

The Right Tools for the Job

Everyone has a database.  Our in-house database of contacts is well over 15,000 strong which helps provide a wide net of sources developed over decades.  We do not rely on our proprietary in-house information as a primary source for candidates, however.  The market is too dynamic.

LinkedIn and other subscription based tools are a big help in identifying candidates, but they do not select or close the top candidates.

Our advantage is the experienced judgment exercised in the process of candidate generation and selection.  Supplemented by connections in our own network, we can get quick feedback on most candidates which keeps the process moving.

The Right Attitude for the Job

Don is a thoughtful competitor.  He is driven to succeed for clients.

Over twenty years ago, Don figured out that executive search was just the right fit for him.  It is a consultative trade that is absolutely results oriented.  With his dedication to detail and goal achievement works to your advantage.

The Right SKILLS for the Job

Creativity:  You have to have creativity to get the best results in search.  Merely finding the square peg to fit the square hole might fulfill the requirements on paper, but might not recruit the candidate with the highest potential.  Companies that seek transformative results need search that can deliver exceptional talent, not just talent from exactly the same industry with exactly the same functional experience.